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Convenience. Commitment. Community.


Cal Fit (Caledonia Fitness) has been a vital part of Caledonia and its surrounding communities since the early 2000s. On January 1st, 2017, Cal Fit welcomed its current owner, Caleb Dudek. Located on State Street in the heart of Caledonia, this local gym quickly became known for its wide variety of equipment as well as its clean, welcoming, and supportive atmosphere.

Caleb first took an interest in physical fitness at the age of 14 and has focused on fitness for the better part of two decades. Helping others realize their fitness goals and experience the same rewarding sense of accomplishment he enjoys quickly became his passion. After high school, Caleb pursued Sports Medicine at MCC before earning certifications in both personal training and nutrition.

In 2015, Caleb joined Cal Fit as a personal trainer, working for friend and former owner Geoff Hubbard. Feeling connected with Caledonia’s tight-knit community and friendly people, Caleb decided to take his friend up on his offer two years later, purchase Cal Fit, and develop it into one of Livingston County’s premier fitness centers.

Cal Fit provides spaces for various kinds of exercise, free weights, and cardio as well as specialized equipment. Members enjoy the flexibility of fitting workouts into any schedule thanks to convenient 24/7 access. For those seeking additional support in reaching their fitness objectives, Cal Fit offers personal training sessions.

”Cal Fit is here to help you push your limits. We’re here to guide you as you work towards–and reach–your goals.”

Located just south of Monroe County, Cal Fit is situated within 20 minutes of Avon, Bergen, Churchville, Geneseo, Leicester, Lima, Riga, Rush, Pavilion, Scottsville, Wheatland, York and more.

COMING IN 2023! 

Cal Fit is moving across the street to our new building at 3158 State Street (formerly Classic Touch & Invenergy)! Members can expect the same flexible 24/7 access, incredible support, and variety of equipment  while looking forward to attractive, completely renovated facilities and other exciting new  features. Follow us for renovation photos, updates, and sneak previews on future offerings!

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