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Meet Caledonia Fitness Owner Caleb Dudek

Cal-Fit’s Caleb Dudek shares about becoming involved with fitness, connecting with Cal-Fit, the core concepts of his fitness philosophy, and more!


  • So, Caleb, can you talk a little bit about yourself?

CD: My name is Caleb Dudek. I’m in my 30s, and I own Cal-Fit in Caledonia.


  • Have you always had an interest in fitness?

CD: I have always enjoyed sports, any physical activity really. I first became interested in fitness when I was 14. I began working out with friends and on my own. I wanted to build muscle, and I found I really enjoyed it.


  • What aspect of working out most appealed to you?

CD: As I hit lifting milestones - two plates on each side, three plates on each side - I felt a real sense of accomplishment and wanted to keep going, keep improving. It was - and is - very rewarding.


  • What is your education in the field of physical fitness?

CD: I attended MCC for Sports Medicine. While there, I took such courses as physical education, biology, sports medicine, psychology, etc. I also earned certifications afterwards in Personal Training as well as Nutrition.


  • Is there anyone you would consider a mentor?

CD: Yes. In fact, the best education I had was working alongside a fitness coach, Body Building Coach Ron Primerano, who is a gym owner in Buffalo. Coach Primerano offers personal training for shows and trains athletes including some who have gone pro. Working with him, I learned about different workout styles, nutrition and eating, lifting and how to fine tune your body.


  • What were two primary takeaways from your education and experience?

CD: A big takeaway was learning to think about being well nourished and getting that nutrient-rich blood into the muscle. This forces the expansion of the muscle fibers with blood that has the proper nutrients to help those muscles grow. I also learned to focus on muscle contractions. Muscle-mind connection is a huge part of personal fitness.


  • How did you become involved with Caledonia Fitness?

CD: I knew the previous owner. He offered me a job as a personal trainer. Later on, he offered me the opportunity to purchase the gym from him. I accepted his offer and took ownership of Cal-Fit on January 1st, 2017. 


  • Which aspects of being a gym owner do you enjoy most?

CD: I enjoy connecting with my members and helping them reach their fitness goals. I also still offer personal training for those who would like a little more guidance.


  • As a gym owner, how would you describe your fitness philosophy?

CD: To me, fitness is about mind-muscle connection, consistency, getting out of your comfort zone and pushing your limits. There are so many benefits from physical fitness: feeling better day-to-day, having more energy, being able to be more active, and a long life expectancy. Fitness is about deciding what you are looking to get out of it. Cal-Fit and I are here to help you achieve those goals.


Caleb and his wife Lisa live in North Chili 15 minutes away from Caledonia. They are expecting their first child (Eliana) in March 2023.


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